Network Engineering

Connect with confidence

Experience reliable connectivity with our private network and in-building solutions. Embrace the future with advanced fiber optic technology, featuring high-level designs for FTTX.

Planning and Survey

Design, Bill of Materials (BOM), Scoping

Integration (RAN, CORE, and IT)

Deployment, change management, optimization, support

Optimize your performance

Explore latest network engineering with Smart Network Optimization. Refine network for peak efficiency, delivering faster speeds, reliability, and performance.

Provide network analytics using ML/AI algorithms.

Detect and address anomalies.

Optimize the Quality of Service and user experience.

Adaptive Excellence

Leverage Smart Data Lake platform with ML/AI algorithms for real-time insights and efficient network performance. Improve reliability with analytics, ensuring Quality of Service.

Leverage our Smart Data Lake platform

Integrate RAN, transmission, Core FM, PM, and CM.

Operate standardized KPIs and KQIs organization-wide.

Implement proactive alarming

Worldwide Watchtower

Optimize your NOC with GNOC automation, streamlining repetitive tasks and swiftly resolving issues for constant optimal performance.

Reduce OPEX costs

Provide accelerated MTTR (Mean time to repair)

Fulfill SLA contractual commitments

Deliver progressive network operation center automation.

Gaining Edge in Telecom

Explore growth with our Telco Benchmarking solutions. By competing, we highlight areas for improvement, optimize strategies, and drive advancements.

Evaluate coverage and service quality

Compare and rank carriers based on drive test data results

Assess carriers’ compliance

Identify, visualize performance in geographic areas with AI

Partner with us for comprehensive network engineering services tailored to your business needs. Elevate your operations with our expertise.