Deep Data Insight

A cutting-edge Deep Packet Inspection platform that encompasses traffic classification, policy enforcement, and traffic analytics features. In addition to its powerful DPI capabilities, Deep Data Insight (DDI) can also be combined with other data sources to enhance the depth and quality of reporting and analytics. This provides valuable insights into network performance and enables better decision-making for network optimization and security.

Live monitoring

Keep a real-time pulse on your network quality with the live monitoring feature. View and evaluate data flows instantly,

traffic blocking

Enhance network security with our Traffic Blocking feature, offering complete control over what gets blocked.

traffic steering

Optimize network efficiency with Traffic Steering, intelligently directing data flows to intended locations.

traffic shaping

Take control of your network's bandwidth with Traffic Shaping. Give mission-critical apps top priority and adjust capacity

pCAP capturing

Explore network analysis with PCAP Capturing. This feature enables detailed traffic inspection,

Historical Reporting

Gain insights into your network's past performance with Historical Reporting, offering


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